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The development of increasingly advanced ultrasound technology with the presence of a tool that displays the images 3 and 4 dimensions. Whether it's time 2D ultrasound abandoned?

Of course, it's neeeded special skills to understand the display of images and information that appears on the monitor machine ultrasound (ultrasonography). Moreover, because ultrasound is a commonly used tool can only show 2-dimensional images (2D), in which the patient lay people can't come "enjoy it". Doctors also must be very clever to explain all the information captured through the machine.

Now, with the advent of ultrasound equipment is capable of displaying images 3 and 4 dimensions, the limitations of 2D ultrasound as resolved. "2D ultrasound can only see the baby from one side only, whereas with 3D technology, the fetus can be seen whole and clear, like the Like a real baby," said Dr. Gambling Januadi Endjun, SpOG, obstetrics and gynecology expert from the Gatot Subroto Army Hospital, Central Jakarta.

In fact, with 4D ultrasound technology, parents can see all the baby's body, following the movements as we watch an animated movie. "Maybe in 10 years, the development of this technology can show the fetus as real," continued the doctor who also teaches at the Faculty of Medicine, Veterans UPN this.

Well, any mother who didn't want to peek inside her life more clearly? However, for that patient charges are quite expensive because the technology used wasn't cheap. If so, how the need for fetal monitoring with this tool?

Benefit of 3D-4D Ultrasound

"Over the fetus under normal circumstances, 2D ultrasound is enough. The important of its tool have a good image resolution," said Judi. He also explained, with tools that can already be seen fetal abnormalities by 80 percent. "The addition of ultrasound technology in 3D-4D be complementary when the alleged fetus in a state is not normal and necessary to find their minor congenital abnormalities, such as cleft palate, abnormalities in heart and so on."

In a different occasion, Dr. Dario Turk, SpOG of Family Hospital, Jakarta explain in more detail the advantages of 3D-4D ultrasound this. According to him, abnormalities in the fetus can be read more accurately because the technology is developed to improve accuracy of diagnosis. "That way, at the age of 11-14 weeks of pregnancy, fetal abnormality can be checked and identified to 85 percent. Similarly with Down syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities, and congenital heart abnormalities early (early fetal cardiology)."

At 18-23 weeks gestation, she said, with this tool can be detected fetal structural abnormalities (detailed anomaly scan) including genetic sonogram, and also heart defects (fetal cardiology).

At 30-34 weeks of gestation can be detected fetal growth abnormalities, abnormal fetal position, the location of the placenta, umbilical cord, the amount of amniotic fluid, fetal biophysical profile, fetal abnormality new organs appear at advanced gestational age (eg, brain, kidney, and other ), and abnormal location of the bone baby.

But Judi suggested that pregnant women not to rush to leave the 2D ultrasound equipment. In fact, he strongly emphasized the need to use this tool first before patients take advantage of 3D or 4D ultrasound. "Do not be reversed," he said, "if the direct use 3D or 4D ultrasound technology, can-can structure in the womb are only visible with 2D ultrasound will be missed and not seen. Only if the baby is suspected to have abnormalities, 3D and 4D technology is useful optimal. "

Funny thing is, said Judi, here has misunderstood one. Sophisticated 3D-4D technology is only used to ask, "My son like whom, Doc?" A question that was not important and not worth the benefits of the device itself. "But baby faces all over the world are almost the same," he remarked with a laugh.

Examination by using ultrasound

We have international agreements on the use of ultrasound for pregnancy. First performed at the early trimester of pregnancy or before age 3 months to determine whether positive or not, where the location of the fetus, and at what gestational age. With this tool, an error calculating the gestational age can be minimized up to 3-4 days only. Meanwhile, with the benchmark last period of gestation miscount could reach 2-3 weeks. Far enough as well.

Next, the ultrasound done again at the age of 12-14 weeks gestation to determine whether the fetus has abnormalities of Down syndrome (DS) or not. Continued at week 18 to 20 to see whether there congenital abnormalities major. "Other than that, only when there are medical reasons that are necessary," said Judi.

After monitoring with ultrasound is done, the good doctor will give an explanation of, the size of fetal head circumference, upper arm length, abdominal circumference, thigh length, weight, age, and the abdominal wall, which sequentially systematically.

"So if patients only receive a picture and then the doctor gave the notes 'normal baby', you should ask for clarification. What must be known until the conclusion there is a normal baby," advises Judi.

According to him, which also must be ensured by the patient is the doctor who did the ultrasound must have a certification issued by certain agencies, such POSKI (Indonesian Society of Ultrasound Medicine) or such a world body of WHO.

"If necessary before in-ultrasound, patients can ask whether the doctor who examined him has a certificate or not. It is also important to note, in Jakarta is not more than 10 physicians who have a certificate to perform 3D-4D ultrasound," said Judi that such a device is long enough to have Dr Cipto Mangunkusumo.

As a comparison, he explains, "In developed countries the government regulated the use of this tool. So that in one area there is only one tool. Reference was tiered, if any abnormality is suspected new patients referred to hospital who have these tools. So it is not redundant. "

According to Judi, never any patient who comes with a picture which he said was the result of 3D ultrasound. When in fact the ultrasound is done not using these tools. So, scams like it's not impossible.

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