Lowongan Kerja Guru Bahasa Inggris di SMA Negeri di Jakarta dan SMP/SMA Katolik di Siboga/Medan

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Lowongan Kerja di Jakarta dan SMP/SMA Katolik di Siboga/MedanEnglish Language Teacher
(SMA Negeri di Jakarta dan SMP/SMA Katolik di Siboga/Medan)


* The contracted teacher will be assigned onto some certain appointed school within the area of Jakarta (10 pers), Medan (15 pers) and Sibolga, North Sumatra (25 pers).
* Every teacher entitle to have one year contract minimum, including the three months probation at the initial semester.
* The teachers will be working in school during the school hours full time, and having the same obligation equally as well as any other established teachers.
* The working schedule will be completely made by the appointed location. Technicality on the teaching schedule will be determined by the person in-charge in school.
* Under any irregular circumstances, the school authority have the fully right of requesting the English Plus teacher to become a substitute teacher to fill in an unattended class onto any other subject during the school hours only if the schedule is not colliding with their own schedule.
* The flexibility of working hours will be available under the emergency circumstances along with some permission and the acknowledgement of the school authority and the approval of the management.
* The teacher will teach the subject of English Conversation, including sharing the tips and some important tricks on how to speak English correctly that suitable with the nowadays topic.
* Under the limitation of session, the teacher should teach the subject of English Conversation by using their charm, creativity and effectiveness on provoking the student’s skill upon English.
* Under any circumstances the teacher are expected to get involve with the teacher’s activities, such as teachers informal and formal meeting; teacher’s social organization and even get involve with parent and teacher association actively only if exists.
* The upcoming teacher will be requested to make some test material that will support the teaching-learning mechanism which means at the end of every semester the student will have an additional knowledge by using their knowledge within English.
* Teacher should know the amount of the student and will have to prepare the certificate for the third grade of the Junior High and Senior HIgh, which is ended by organizing an event of the TOEFL among the last grade students.
* Teachers should make their own monthly report that is acknowledged and signed by the school authority, before it will be sent to the headquarters in Jakarta.
* Every individual teacher will report to their local coordinator or supervisor and give their responsibilities and report on what they have done to their direct user.
* Every individual teacher should have their skill audited and evaluated by doing an upgrading training test at the initial days during the school holiday.


* M/F, max. 35 years old and good-looking
* Candidate must possess at least a Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree, Education/Teaching/Training or equivalent.
* Required language(s): English
* Applicants must be willing to work in Jakarta , Sibolga/Medan. The code is JKT for Jakarta and MDN for North Sumatera
* Fresh graduates/Entry level applicants are encouraged to apply.
* Full-Time and Contract position available.

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